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Schriptor Ltd

Sun, 18th Feb 2007
Schriptor Ltd provides a new concept counter-pen range Schriptor - for both the general public and for people with disabilities.

This range comprises:

The 710 Schriptor Reception Pen the prominent silver S down the side helps
guide a person with a visual impairment to the pen. The pen itself is self-parking which removes the need to replace the pen this is of particular
assistance to those with visual impairments/blind. The retracting tethered pen is easy to grip and non-slip to assist the arthritic, elderly and disabled.
Designed to suit everyone, it is suitable for a whole range of public areas such as hotel receptions, banks, customer service areas and retail outlets.

Reception Pen:
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Professional Counter PenMinimalist Counter Pen

The 210/410 Schriptor Counter Pens a minimalist counter pen incorporating a silver rim where the pen sits in its fixed base, and which acts as a helpful guide for people with physical disabilities and/or with a visual impairment. The pen is easy to grip and non-slip to assist the arthritic, elderly and disabled. This unit is easy and simple to use in busy public areas such as banks, hotels
and retail outlets.

Schriptor pens are therefore designed to assist all members of the public but particularly people with disabilities, and to provide a more advanced product
that is not so shiny and slim, with only a dark hole in which to sit the pen, thus making it difficult for customers with disabilities to grip, or to see where to put the pen back.

Ultimate Signing BoardUltimate Writing Board

The S5/S4 Signing Board/Writing Board designed to help wheelchair users to comfortably sign documents such as till receipts/forms at point-of-sale, instead of having to lean on a counter (high or low)relatively high counter. The pen is easy to grip and non-slip on a retracting tether to assist the arthritic, elderly and disabled. These boards are designed to accompany the counter and reception pens in busy public areas including banks, hotels, restaurants and retail outlets.

All of the Schriptor counter/ reception pens/ writing boards have an easy fit universal refill, with the same non-slip design to facilitate easier gripping of
the pen, particularly by the elderly, arthritic and disabled.

Signing Board:
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Full product specifications can be obtained from the Schriptor web site: www.schriptor.com but currently, recommended retail prices (ex-VAT) for this
family of products are:

Schriptor 710 Reception Pens £19.99 each

Schriptor 210 Counter Pens £8.99 each

Schriptor 410 Counter Pens £7.99 each

Schriptor S5 Signature £7.95 each

Schriptor S4 Professional £9.95 each

Schriptor Refills £1.99 each

Schriptor 210/410 replacement chain assembly £3.45 each

Schriptor Dome Assy (210) £2.65 each

Schriptor Dome Assy (410) £1.99 each

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