József Egry Memorial Museum

József Egry Memorial Museum

8261 - Badacsony (Veszprém)
Egry József sétány 12
Tel: (87) 431-044

Museums are not the innovations of recent centuries. The first museum opened its gate before the visitors in Alexandria. The goal was the same then as it is today: to share and spread our inestimable value - our culture.

Our enthusiasm about museums was driven by curiosity. How did people live in the past? When was this or that object invented? What does the painter want to express? We are to pose question in order to understand and value the world around us. In year 2000 we asked ourselves the question of where we can find the museums on the Internet. What we found was very little. Actual pieces of information about exhibitions and programmes were also missing. Often the web pages reflected the out-of-date reality of the past. It was then when we decided to make the museum.hu. And now we are here. We have done it at long last. We are eager to present the beauties and values of Hungary through the treasure houses of culture - the museums.

József Egry is also known as the Balaton painter. He was obsessed by the lake, and lived and worked on the shore for decades in puritan simplicity. The main subject of his paintings and drawings is views or almost visions of Balaton, under varied conditions of light and colour. He uses very restricted means in his pictures, the objective details are reduced to essentials. His art stands alone, and cannot be related to anyone.

A rich selection of his main works can be seen in his Badacsony house, which has been transformed and extended. Important stages in his whole life are also presented.

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